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Thai Medical Massage • Yoga Therapy • Yoga Nidra • Sound Vibrational Therapy



An intuitive combination of Thai Medical Massage, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, and Sound Vibrational Therapy


$160 for Two Hours
6 Session Package: $864 (10% OFF, Save $96)
10 Session Package: $1,360 (15% OFF, Save $240)

$240 for Three Hours
6 Session Package: $1,296 (10% OFF, Save $144)
10 Session Package: $2,040 (15% OFF, Save $360)

$320 for Four Hours
6 Session Package: $1,728 (10% OFF, Save $192)
10 Session Package: $2,720 (15% OFF, Save $480)


Thai Medical Massage

Thai Medical Massage uses traditional Thai medical theory to release chronic physical pain and tension, rehydrate facia, improve circulation, Cexibility, and joint range of motion, release emotional blockages from the body, and bring the body and mind back to balance. Thai massage incorporates thumb and palm point pressure along Thai Sen (energy) lines in combination with passive stretching

Yoga Nidra

TYoga Therapy (the Amrit Method of Body Psychology) works on an energetic level.  It is known that issues lie in the tissues.  When the body is positioned into a relaxed stretch, specific sensations come to the light of awareness.  When these sensations are felt fully, spontaneous releases occur from the core level of the being.

Yoga Nidra

The Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that consciously relaxes the mind by relaxing the body.  Also known as a guided meditation journey, Yoga Nidra using various techniques leading the body and mind to a vast place of stillness and silence.  Much like that in sleep, the brainwaves slow into theta state.  In this state of non-doing, silent awareness, intentions and affirmations are suggested to the subconscious, inviting the wisdom of the body to function without the commentary of the mind.  With this internal environment, the innate intelligence of the body spontaneously heals, balances, and rejuvenates the entire being. Within six sessions, you will see a permanent change in your reactions and behaviors; within 11 sessions, the physical make-up of your brain has a permanent change; if working with intentions, allow at least 8 months to observe intentions manifesting in your life.

Sound vibrational therapy

Protocols from two systems (Level 1&2 of Acutonics and Level I, II, and III of Atma Butti Sound and Vibrational School) are used during these sessions. Tuning Forks may be placed on specific acupuncture, acupressure, and chakra points to open, balance, and rejuvenate specific parts of the body/mind. Tibetan Singing Bowls may be placed on and around the body.  When vibration is put on the body, the water in the body is attracted to the vibration increasing circulation and the detoxification process.  When placed around the body, the deep harmonics of the overtones of the Tibetan Bowls accompanied with silence effortlessly stimulates the relaxation response through the whole body and being.  This affects the body on a cellular level, opening the flow of energy, moving one back to the vibrational alignment with health. Sound and vibration can be used to re-tune the body/mind back to health by shifting one’s energy frequency.


Sarah Novotney, LMT, RYT-500

Sarah is a Licensed Massage therapist under the Montana State Board of Massage Therapy, specializing in Thai medical massage, from Sararut Pilakun with the Thai Institute of Healing Arts.  Sarah is also a 500-Hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance, specializing in Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy, and Meditation in Motion from the Amrit Yoga Institute.